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Vizag: Nothing Wrong Hearing Arguments In Mother Tongue at High Court

The High Court bench has made it clear that there is nothing wrong with hearing the arguments in the mother tongue in the court. Guru Bhaskara Rao of Aganampudi filed a petition in the High Court in 2019 regarding permission for the construction of a building in  Visakhapatnam. The case was heard by a single judge.

The judge asked the petitioner about the case. Until then, the lawyer who had been hearing the arguments in English responded to the judge in Telugu. With his reply the judge got angry. The petition was dismissed without going into any further proceedings of the case, saying that hearing arguments in Telugu in the High Court was not acceptable. The lawyer immediately issued an unconditional apology. However, the judge directed the petitioner to pay a fine of Rs 25,000.

The petitioner had filed an appeal before the CJ Tribunal about the payment of the fine. The appeal was recently heard by Chief Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra and Justice Mallavolu Satyanarayana Murthy. The bench said that “Single Judge examined the orders and the lawyer answered in Telugu to only one question. The lawyer did not argue the whole case in Telugu. However, hearing arguments in the mother tongue is nothing wrong. Therefore, we are revoking the orders given by the single judge.”

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