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Existing-taking app Mem raises $5.6 million from Andreessen Horowitz

The opponents for display-taking is as fierce as it has ever been with a great deal of extremely-valued productivity startups combating for an viewers it is some distance going to doubtlessly support never-ending productivity offshoots. Within the previous year, Conception raised at a $2 billion valuation, Coda raised at $636 million, and Whisk raised at $200 million.

A recent competitor in the condominium is emerging out of stealth with original funding from Andreessen Horowitz. The free app, referred to as Mem, is an early access platform dedicated to pushing customers to quickly jot down their thoughts without focusing too carefully on the underlying group of them. The startup’s founders maintain substantial ambitions for what their platform can also change into down the avenue, tapping into extra advances in machine learning and even AR.

“Really the differentiation is [information] that is summonable ubiquitously wherever you’re,” Mem co-founder Kevin Changeable tells TechCrunch. “So, in the end to period of time, by your desktop app with Mem Spotlight as a heads-up affirm for wherever you’re, in the medium period of time by an assistive mobile utility, and then in the long period of time, imagine contact lenses which would possibly perchance be overlaying necessary verbalize material to you in the field.”

Changeable and his co-founder Dennis Xu verbalize TechCrunch they’ve raised $5.6 million in a seed round led by a16z with extra participation from their Cultural Leadership Fund, Will Smith’s, Floodgate, Unfamiliar Ventures and Shrug Capital. The round additionally used to be host to a handful of angel patrons including Harry Stebbings, Julia Lipton, Tony Liu, Rahul Vohra and Todd Goldberg, among others.

In its most modern iteration, Mem push customers towards “gentle-weight group” rather than clicking by folders and hyperlinks to search out the precise effect to nestle their thoughts. Customers can quickly rate customers or dedicated topics in their notes. The actual person workflow depends rather carefully on search and chronological group, presenting customers with their most unbiased unbiased currently accessed notes. Customers can additionally situation reminders for determined notes, bringing a popular email framework to display-taking.

For customers of stock apps like Apple Notes, these interface quirks can also no longer sound very jarring, though the fabricate is silent a departure from apps like Conception and Airtable which maintain carefully focused on structure over immediacy.

Mem Spotlight

Presumably Mem’s ideal shift is how customers access the knowledge they’ve dumped into the platform. The founders disclose they maintain got to rob some distance from their app being seen as a “vacation situation,” as a replace hoping customers count carefully on a keyboard-shortcut-prompted overlay referred to as Mem Spotlight that lets in them to lunge attempting out files that they’ll also need for an email, presentation or text message. The broader hope of the founders and patrons unhurried Mem is that the personnel can leverage the platform’s intelligence over time to greater impress the knowledge dump from your brain — and likely other files sources across your digital footprint — to know you greater than any ad network or social media graph does.

“What would it no longer mean to factual earn passively your digital footprint and then develop use of that as though it were structured,” Changeable posits. “If we are capable of surely maintain our absorb Mem modeling of all of these entities, whether or no longer it’s text, or even it’s contacts, the these who , or it’s the occasions that you’re going to and these a great deal of sources feed into Mem, what would it no longer mean for Mem so as to maintain a product that is the ‘you’ API?”

For now, the startup’s app isn’t reasonably as grandiose in scale as what the founders can also look in its future, however as Mem continues to onboard early customers from its waitlist and add to its desktop efficiency, the firm is riding towards a platform they hope feels extra instrumental to how its customers “consider” files.

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