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Dear Sophie: Will October 2020 Visa Bulletin modifications expedite my immigration case?

Here’s any other version of “Dear Sophie,” the advice column that solutions immigration-linked questions on working at technology companies.

“Your questions are a must-wish to the unfold of files that allows folks in all places the sector to upward push above borders and pursue their needs,” says Sophie Alcorn, a Silicon Valley immigration prison legit. “Whether you’re in folks ops, a founder or in search of a job in Silicon Valley, I’d like to resolution your questions in my next column.”

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Dear Sophie:

I’ve been looking ahead to years for my green card. Is there any means to expedite my case? What does the October shift in Visa Bulletin precedence dates indicate for me?

—Waiting in Woodside

Dear Waiting:

Thanks! There are a variety of suggestions to bustle up the immigration route of. Colossal news — closing week the Tell Division launched the October 2020 Visa Bulletin, which critically reduces the waiting time for many folks from all over the sector in search of green cards. Usually final action dates advanced for EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3 and are all fresh now when that you can spend classes moreover being born in India or China! Feel free to take a look at out my latest podcast on seven suggestions to expedite an immigration case and take a look at out our upcoming free academic webinar on October 8 for the most modern on H-1Bs and other immigration updates.

When you had been born in India or China, dates for filing for Adjustment of Tell and the Nationwide Visa Center furthermore accelerated critically for folk in these classes. Here’s a typical demand I receive: “I’m currently within the U.S. in advantageous nonimmigrant put. If I turned into born in India or China, can I file my I-485 in October 2020?” Stare below to take a look at your precedence date and focus on with an immigration prison legit to gape what that you can file in October 2020!

Is my China/India precedence date fresh in October?

Here’s an summary of the model to verify out whether or no longer that you can file your I-485 this month while you’ve to make spend of the classes of being born in India or China:

  • Step 1. Double-take a look at your I-140 I-797C approval be taught about to verify your class and precedence date:
    • Sec. 203 (b)(1) → EB-1 Class
    • Sec. 203 (b)(2) → EB-2 Class
    • Sec. 203 (b)(3) → EB-3 Class
  • Step 2. Check up on the October Visa Bulletin. To know the Visa Bulletin in additional element:
    • The resolution of green cards the U.S. issues each year is capped per the shape of green card and the golf green card candidate’s country of birth
    • As my podcast on precedence dates explains, it is a ways the date your green card petition turned into submitted or the date your employer submitted your PERM labor certification application.
  • Step 3. Procure the date within the cell at the intersection of your class and country.

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