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Shah Amitabh and VVS Laxman for #JantaMentorship

 Amitabh Shah

Yuva Unstoppable’s Janta Mentorship Program

Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Indian non-profit organization Yuva Unstoppable Amitabh Shah, launches #JantaMentorship campaign to support young students during the COVID-19 induced nationwide lockdown. It virtually connects India’s top corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, sportsperson, and counselors, among other experts with our scholarship recipients. The aim is to facilitate one-on-one online mentorship. Subjects include diverse real-life subjects like health and fitness, attitudes and mindsets, acquiring new skill sets, and much more. Basically, staying safe, healthy, positive, and productive in these quarantined times. It was launched on the day of ‘Janta Curfew’ in India that is, 22nd March 2020. Since then, the powerful movement has mobilized close to 100 mentors and organized scores of inspiring sessions.

VVS Laxman joins Janta Mentorship Campaign

In one of the Janta Mentorship sessions moderated by Amitabh Shah, former Indian cricketer VVS Laxman joined in. He mentored the IIT students of the Satyaram Scholarship program. He shared with them his own life journey and experiences, about how he overcame hurdles and turned weaknesses into strengths with a simple mantra. Yuva unstoppable believes in the power of youth and acts as a catalyst in empowering them.

Satyaram Scholarship Program

The students of Yuva Unstoppable’s Educational Scholarship Program are bright yet needful children and youth from under-resourced communities who dream big but do not have adequate resources or opportunities to fulfill their dreams. In 2016, we partnered with VVS Laxman’s charity VVS Foundation to launch Satyaram Scholarships for IIT students under this program. The initiative was instituted in the name of the philanthropist’s parents and provides financial as well as academic counseling to needful IITians across the country. It envisions advancing the former cricketer’s vision of empowering the country’s youth through education.

To know more about Yuva Unstoppable’s scholarship program, visit:

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