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Skinvita Clinic – Skincare at it’s best!

Nobody likes dullness and blemishes on their skin or unhealthy hair, which is why one spends a lot on skin care and hair care products every month. But, given the choices of products and services, it is important to be perceptive in what product you pick for your skin and hair. Everyone has a unique skin type that has different needs, which only an expert can understand.

Established in the year 2019, Skinvita Clinic is the ‘brainchild’ of the popular Dermatologist and Cosmetologist – Dr. Sachin Varma and is located in the heart of the city. It is a multi-specialty skin & hair care centre, which is well-equipped with modern amenities.

Skinvita Clinic understands your needs. That’s why we have designed customized skin care solutions to give you a rewarding experience.

Here are the top skin and hair care solutions offered by Skinvita Clinic:


Clinical Dermatology

– CoolSculpting

– Skin biopsy & Diagnostic tests

– Woods lamp examination

– Davlin phototherapy

– Infrared light for chronic ulcers

– Medical tattoos

– Biologics for severe skin diseases

– Facilities for detection and treatment of chronic eczema, allergies, etc


Aesthetic Dermatology


– Botox & Fillers

– Thread lifts


– Chemical peels

– Microdermabrasion

– Dermapen (Microneedling)

– Carbon peels

– Photofacials

– Anti-ageing treatments


– Double chin reduction

– Mesotherapy

– Lasers and more




– Conmed electrosurgery (USFDA approved)

– Radio frequency surgery

– Cryosurgery (Cryopen) USFDA approved

– Dermapen and dermaroller microneedling

– Acne scar surgery

– Vitiligo surgeries

– Melanocyte transplant

– Hair transplant

– Ear and nose piercing

– Ear lobe repair

– Nail surgeries

– Scar revisions and more


Hair Treatment


– Trichoscopy

– Hair density assessment

– Microneedling and mesotherapy


– Low-level laser treatment (LLLT)

– Hair transplant


Our services combine high-end technology and medication to give you a proper treatment.

Quite often, it gets difficult for you to decide what’s good for your hair and skin. That’s why you can’t take any chances and need to trust only the expert. In this regard the services by Skinvita Clinic seem promising. Try them and share your experience with us.

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